Marcel de Bresser (Partner & Chairman)

Marcel is an experienced business developer who likes to innovate thoroughly in the fields of organic agriculture, landscape, biodiversity, real estate, renewable energy production, energy storage and e-mobility.

In this way he contributes to the quality of life, well being and prosperity of life on earth.

He is well-connected in the renewable energy sector, especially with high quality companies from Germany and Austria (e.g. manufacturers, EPC-contracting and O&M).

Besides this, he is also experienced in setting up new concepts in the IT and Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) sectors with leading players (e.g. R&R WFM, SAP, Nokia/Cisco, TomTom and SonyEricsson).

Interested? Contact him immediately:
Marcel de Bresser
+31 (0)6 28 34 59 37

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