Pelletstoves are on the rise

Pellet stoves are on the rise, especially since we want to reduce CO2 emissions and want to burn less gas. In addition, starting as from 2030 our gas supply will be exhausted. So we need to be looking for a cleaner and better alternative. We think of solar panels for electricity, but meanwhile with wood pellets this is also one of the possibilities.

Just for clarity, the pelletstove is a stove with a living room window. Through this window you can see the flame and a living room or a whole house is to be heated. With CV connection or without! If you don't like to worry about your heating on wood pellets, then you will prefer a pelletboiler instead of a pellet stove. A pellet boiler from ÖkoFen if you choose maintenance-friendly. These boilers require no cleaning operations by the user, make up to 108% return and these boilers can also generate electricity! A complete package of heating, hot water and generation of electricity, special and efficient.

Save on your electricity bill with solar panels, while you save on your gas bill and electricity bill with a pelletstove (just like a solar water heater).

Sotogrande Pellets chooses Bijvoet energy

We choose Bijvoet Energy as a partner in renewable energy from wood pellets. Bijvoet is Energy importer and our knowledge partner in the field of heat and power from wood. Expert since 2006 with a conscious choice for quality and long service life of the installation. As a result, you will only find German and Austrian quality stoves and boilers at this expert. ÖkoFen is the inventor of the modern pelletboiler!

Visit a dealer of Bijvoet energy

At pelletstove and pelletboiler supplier Bijvoet energy ( in Heerhugowaard, the owner (Paul Bijvoet) will give meaningful advice having years of experience with fireplaces, stoves and boilers. It's a good idea to go to his showroom, where you are welcome by appointment. You can also send us a request by email, so that we can arrange the right date and time for you.

Payback periods become very interesting

The payback of a pelletstove is depending on its situation and is usually between 5 and 10 years. This is similar to the payback period of solar panels. The payback on solar water heaters, heat demand for hot water heated through the sun, is still relatively high with about 15 years. Therefore, there is more demand for pelletstoves and solar panels then for solar water heaters.

Because you are stoking with wood pellets in another way, you have in fact a greater saving than the € 500 per year on average that a household in theory would save because stoking on wood pellets is cheaper than stoking on gas. Indeed, we are used to the thermostat of the gas pretty often. If you switch to pellets then you'll do not use the thermostat, because you have only an hour at home for example, or you switch off the pelletstove sooner, because the warmth is still in the air inside. So you'll often save double, which means an average of € 1000 per year. With a costprice of around € 5000 you will have a payback period of 5 instead of 10 years!

The pelletstove has a week/day program, where for example you will switch on the pelletstove for a short notice in the morning and then again at 16 or 17 o'clock, just before you get home. So you'll always be in a heated room inside, but you do save! 

Want to know what the return is in your situation and what you can do for a more sustainable energy system in your home or business? Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly assist you!