QEG technology will liberate people

QEG technology will liberate people

You can generate your own free energy in your home in the future, when governments worldwide release this hundred years ago by Tesla invented technology.

As Einstein has already demonstrated, we exist as a person not just in a physical body. We have an energy that is built from atoms and molecules of which the body forms part. This energy is called in quantum physics the zero point field (also called unified field, quantum field or Energeia). Through this zero point field of pure consciousness and infinite creative potential, everything and everyone is connected.

From the quantum physics has been proven that the energy in the zero point field is always in motion, and that the movement of this energy is affected by the intention of the observer. Thus, there is no objective observation possible. The zero point field energy takes the form of what the observer sees (from his / her beliefs, experiences, desires, expectations and intentions). So each observer, we all, creates his or her own "truth".

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